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Welcome to our page to share our crazy life with you. Every day we wonder if we're the only ones out there who have no idea what they're doing and make the most of it haha! We want you guys to know that no matter how young or old you are, how well travelled or... Continue Reading →

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Product Review: Learning Resources

We were kindly gifted some things from Learning Resources for Harley to have, and they've been a massive success. I know the company from work, I work in a preschool so we are always getting new resources in for the children. They've always got really good items, high quality and great for different areas of... Continue Reading →

Choosing a Baby Name

I feel like this is one of the hardest parts of pregnancy and early parenthood. It's something that is so important and is not only a part of your child's identity, but something that they have to live with forever. It creates so much pressure as really this is one of the things that needs... Continue Reading →

Labour & Birth (round 2)

So for those of you who have followed this pregnancy, you'll know that because of the issues with Harley's birth I was under consultant care. So a lot of preparation for labour and birth I couldn't really do until the very end as I was waiting to see whether the consultants would allow me to... Continue Reading →

The First Scan

I've always loved seeing people's pregnancy announcements, looking at their scan photo and wondering if it's going to be a boy or a girl, what they're going to look like, what they're going to be called. But isn't it funny that no one ever tells you what that first scan is actually like? You assume... Continue Reading →

The First Trimester

I was totally oblivious to the side effects that can come along with growing a human for the first few months, even though this is the second time I've done this now! With Harley I was pretty lucky, I had no sickness, no nausea, no real cravings. It was pretty easy to go undetected until... Continue Reading →

Toddlers & Themeparks

Any excursion at the moment is a perfect excuse for a whole reel of tantrums to appear at any point. Sometimes purely for the fact that he doesn't want to do anything at all, everything is answered with a no and we end up with H on the floor. We did a day trip to... Continue Reading →

The Terrible Twos

This is real, like oh my goodness. The expression "terrible twos" is always thrown around and talked about, but until I experienced the 24 hours a day of it with H, I didn't realise how true it was. It started for us about 18 months, H started testing his will and saying no to things.... Continue Reading →

The Stuff Nobody Tells You About

Wetting yourself in public is totally normal, the supermarket, the gym, in the car. Pelvic floors are bastards. Sneezing is now a test of strength, can you hold it off long enough to find a bathroom, if the answer is no then Tena Lady may be a staple in your weekly shop. Drinking more than... Continue Reading →

Travelling with Small Beings

I often wonder what my life experiences were like pre-baby, I still blame baby brain for my lack of memory even though we're 18 months on. I can't remember leaving for work without the drama of brushing teeth, dressing, shoes, coats, nursery bags, lunches, and then the mad rush of trying to get Harley to... Continue Reading →

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